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HotSpot Shield 5.4.11

HotSpot Shield 5.4.11 Free Download

free download

A good option if you want to be impenetrable to spammers, snoopers and hackers


HotSpot Shield is the most popular VPN, with more than 200 million users worldwide. VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a kind of technology with which secure data is sent through non-encrypted networks, so a Virtual Private Network allows a safe extension of a local network over a public or uncontrolled network.

It has been awarded important recognitions such as the recent readers’ awards of The Wall Street Journal and PC World, among others. It allows you to browse comfortably and freely from anywhere with a connection, bypassing spies and firewalls but also secure in the knowledge that HotSpot Shield will warn you if you visit websites with malware.

Configure your protection
Configure your protection's level in unknown networks

How to use

HotSpot Shield works by forming a secure connection between the user’s computer and HotSpot Shield Servers in U.S. This software gives the user a new IP address and encrypts all the data, thereby blockading all inbound potential dangers outside the network. These encryptions and blockades consist of a combination of a set of security protocols, such as certificates of connection, tunneling protocols, and encryption and data encapsulation, with an envelope strategy that allow the security at packet level with point-to-point communication.

browse comfortably and freely from anywhere with a connection, bypassing spies and firewalls

HotSpot works as if your connection were American. This means that if you are in a place with restricted navigation, such as a library or a country with censorship, you will be able to avoid firewalls and filters and get access to the pages you want. HotSpot Shield allows unattributed Internet surfing, avoiding unwanted monitoring and spying through that American virtual connection and the new IP address. This anonymity can also be applied if you need to you surf the Internet using a public WiFi connection, because if you install this download, the program becomes your personal Virtual Private Network, securing your Internet surfing session.

You will have a virtual IP location
You will have a virtual IP location

HotSpot Shield 5.4.11 Features

These are some of the characteristics of this program:

  • VPN security protocols
    • It combines Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) with Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) to ensure inbound/outbound traffic
    • Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) ensures direct connection between two nodes
    • Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are industry standards used to perform actions such as safe online purchasing. Open VPN is open-source SSL-based and dedicated to the business sector and SMEs
  • Avoid Internet restrictions. This feature is perfect for surfing from a public connection with blocked sites, because it jumps the blocks, but also to obtain the greatest possible freedom in a place with geo-restrictions
  • Privacy and anonymity. This software creates an encrypted tunnel between the user’s PC and HotSpot Shield’s Server and lets the user conduct their activities anonymously
  • Secure information. If you avoid hackers and unwanted external agents, you escape from the possibility of appropriations of your important personal information such as keywords or banking information
  • Mask your IP address. With the new IP address given by this download, you avoid snoopers, spammers and hackers, keeping your sensitive information safe
  • Badware protection. This program notifies you if you are about to visit dangerous websites filled with malware, blocking those sites

It is available for Windows and Mac OS, but also for mobile devices, both Android and iPhone/iPad

To get more information about this program, check the developers’ website .

In the protection process
In the protection process

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a correct installation are the following:

  • Operating system: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III of 233 MHz
  • RAM Memory: 64 MB
  • HDD Space: 1.5 GB of free space

You can pause the protection for a quick period
You can pause the protection for a quick period


With HotSpot Shield you will be able to download programs or files without leaving traces of your actions. Check your bank account online without being tracked or spied on, and feel free to play online blocked games or blocked websites.

free download


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